Aeri Kim

Registered Massage Therapy

Aeri is dedicated to using massage therapy to help clients connect with their bodies and overall well-being. She prioritizes active listening and a flexible attitude, enabling her to create customized treatment plans tailored to each individual’s needs. Her goal is to assist clients in achieving their physical goals and enhancing their daily lives and happiness through accessible exercise and lifestyle changes. Aeri is committed to continuous learning to provide the best possible care for her clients. Aeri is proficient in both English and Korean.

Alysha Pimentel

Registered Massage Therapy


Alysha graduated from Vancouver Career College’s Registered Massage Therapy program in 2021. She has completed nearly 3,000 hours of academic and hands-on training to earn her diploma in massage therapy.

Treatment Style

She is able to work with patients to create the most effective treatment by tailoring to each individual’s needs and preferences. Her personalized approach to health care aims to promote positive changes in each patient’s health and well-being, and educate them to become more aware of their body through homecare stretching and exercise. Alysha’s treatment style is fluid, grounding, and calming – she incorporates Swedish relaxation, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and gentle therapeutic stretching. With a belief in massage therapy being an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, she is versed in all aspects of well-being, whether it be for prevention, maintenance, rehabilitation, or relaxation.

She is able to treat a wide range of conditions including, but not limited to:

  • Muscle tension
  • Headaches
  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Muscle strains/sprains
  • Tendonitis
  • Sciatica

Celia Chang


My name is Celia and I am a registered acupuncturist. I specialize in providing a gentle and soothing approach to acupuncture, incorporating a variety of relaxation techniques to ensure your utmost comfort during the treatment. In addition to acupuncture, I also incorporate acupressure, fire cupping, and auricular therapy. My approach to health is deeply rooted in a fundamental belief of addressing underlying causes of health issues rather than simply alleviating symptoms. Throughout my training and practice, I have witnessed firsthand the power and healing aspects of acupuncture in a mental, physical, and emotional way. My main focus is digestive conditions, gynecology/women’s health, and stress and pain relief. What truly fulfills me is guiding individuals on a journey towards greater self-awareness and empowerment. Encouraging them to take proactive steps in nurturing their well-being is at the heart of my practice.

Delina Somani

Registered Massage Therapy

Delina graduated from WCCMT in 2001. Her practice is primarily focused on treating chronic pain, rehabilitation and stress reduction. Delina has a special interest in the healing benefits of yoga which lead her to complete a yoga instructor certification through Prana Yoga College in 2007. Delina works together with patients to come up with individualized treatment plans and goals. She uses a variety of techniques and modalities including neuromuscular techniques, Swedish massage, myofascial release, frictions, joint mobilization, trigger-point release, facilitated stretches and home care exercise. Delina also practices affective touch therapy. When her children were born she marveled at the sedative affects of this type of slow gentle massage. Affective touch therapy optimally stimulates c-tactile afferent nerves through effleurage and nerve stroking techniques. C-tactile afferent nerve stimulation has been shown to lower anxiety, decrease heart rate, increase pain thresholds, and release oxytocin and serotonin. Affective touch massage therapy is most beneficial for patients whose primary goal is relaxation and stress reduction.

Dianna Lam

Registered Massage Therapy

Hi I’m Dianna a dedicated Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) with a heartfelt commitment to patient-centered care. I aim to create a safe and comforting experience for all patients while helping alleviate discomfort and enhance their well-being during this unique phase. I place a strong emphasis on personalized care, customizing each session to meet the individual needs and preferences of every client. With experience in prenatal massage I am able to offer expectant mothers a space to relax, unwind and most importantly a release in tension of the low back. Beyond pregnancy massage, I offer a range of massage therapy services, from stress relief to pain management, with techniques from General Swedish to Myofascial and Neuromuscular facilitation, all while continuing to seek opportunities for professional growth and offering a welcoming and empathetic atmosphere for clients in search of a peaceful and relaxing massage experience.

Emily Mustard

Registered Massage Therapy

Emily grew up in Coquitlam and is a graduate of Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. Currently trained in a broad range of techniques, including but not limited to: Myofascial, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Joint mobilization, Trigger point release, and classic Swedish massage techniques. Emily strives to provide personalized and effective treatments to each patient that comes her way. In addition to massage therapy, she has a background of classical ballet and extensive training in other dance forms. In her spare time, Emily is a professional dancer and dance instructor who continues to train and teach children, youth, and adults in cohesion to her work as a massage practitioner. She strives to create a welcoming and safe environment to encourage patients to reach whatever goals they are striving for.

Joanna Wells

Registered Massage Therapy

I discovered massage therapy through my own journey to recovery through personal injury. This process has been deeply intertwined with the development of a dedicated yoga practice and studying somatic movement therapy. After completing a yoga teacher training in 2011, it was clear that the next step was entering the health care field through massage therapy. I completed my studies at the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. I draw on a variety of treatment techniques including Swedish massage, deep tissue, cranio-sacral, myofascial release, neuro muscular therapy, trigger point release, deep tissue, and joint mobilizations. My approach is holistic, integrating mind and body, using breath work to develop awareness and healing. I also enjoy working with women’s health, providing support though out pregnancy and assistance with rebuilding balance after delivery.

Previous to my time in Vancouver I focused on studying fine art in the mediums of metalsmithing, drawing, and design. In addition, I apprenticed and mastered the art of craft cocktail bartending as well as pursued a career in event and restaurant management. I now find balance between my time as therapist, and as a working artist, often finding inspiration while exploring the great outdoors.

Joanna is a casual therapist at Soma Burnaby and does not work a regular weekly shift schedule.

Kiran Schaffer


Kiran has been practicing as a Registered Acupuncturist since 2012. After completing her studies at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver, BC, she completed a postgraduate two-year Mentorship Program called Acupuncture Alchemy: The Treatment of Psycho-Emotional Pain with Dr. Yvonne Farrell – in Los Angeles, California.

Her aim is to nurture patient-centric relationships, providing holistic treatments to elevate overall quality of life and promote preventive care.

Her specialties include treating: anxiety/depression, stress management, hormonal balancing, prenatal and postpartum support, digestive conditions and pain relief.

Kiran has a gentle approach and creates treatment plans tailored to each individual’s unique circumstances, whether they are young, elderly, pregnant, or have special requirements. Emphasizing safe and sustainable self-care options.

Outside work, Kiran enjoys exploring new restaurants, taking dance classes, and finds comfort and inspiration in nature (especially water!).

Visit to learn more.

Melissa Mabon

Bioresonance Therapy

Melissa’s journey into the world of wellness began overseas, where she immersed herself in ancient wellness practices during her years in India and China. Her passion for holistic health led her to become a Therapist in Canada.

Her continued interest in health led her to discover the remarkable impact of bioresonance frequency therapy, inspired by the life-changing experiences of individuals who had benefited from this modality out of Germany. Consistent use and training followed, culminating in her decision to introduce this complementary and versatile therapy to others.

At its core, bioresonance frequency therapy acts as a reminder to the body, guiding it towards healing and restoring balance. With connections to skilled Bioresonance technicians with over 12 years of expertise, Melissa is readily available to address any inquiries from those intrigued by the potential of this transformative therapy.

Melissa is a casual therapist at Soma Burnaby and does not work a regular weekly shift schedule.

Micah Angeline Miller

Registered Massage Therapy

Micah Miller is a graduate from West Coast College of Massage Therapy. She makes it her goal to help and support her patients by restoring flexibility, strength and balance to areas of pain and injury . She can empower her clients and help them get back to doing the things they love. Micah enjoys treating a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions. Micah is fluent in Tagalog and English.

Pamela Higgins

Registered Massage Therapy

Pamela states that “movement and sport will forever be my zen, my teacher, and my passion”. She learned confidence through big mountain skiing, mindfulness through yoga, perseverance through hiking, humility through surfing and invigoration through running. In summary, she states that it is her joie de vivre, and believes pain-free movement to be a crucial element of mental wellbeing. After enduring multiple sport related injuries, her trust in manual therapy as a sustainable, natural, and educating healing process/maintenance program began to evolve substantially and continues to grow. This curiosity led her to the study and practice of Massage Therapy. She has successfully completed her training at the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy and is now working as part of an integrative health model that aims to enrich wellbeing through holistic health practices. Her curiosity continues to fuel her practice and self-education in regards to pain science, neuromuscular connection, and the need to honour each individual’s unique presentation. Pamela’s treatment style aims to pair orthopaedic knowledge with the artistry of manual therapy. It is her goal to deliver an effective treatment that empowers individuals with knowledge about their body and how they can maintain a state of play!

Pamela is a casual therapist at Soma Burnaby and does not work a regular weekly shift schedule.

Reta Nitti

Registered Massage Therapy

Reta is a former competitive figure skater who has turned her passion for wellness into a successful career as a massage therapist. After earning her degrees from West Coast College in 2009, Reta has become a highly skilled practitioner in myofascial release, visceral manipulation, and cranial sacral therapy. Her dedication to providing exceptional care to her clients is evident in her work. When Reta isn’t at the clinic she loves spending time with her big beautiful family and exploring the great outdoors. She enjoys immersing herself in the natural beauty of the world around her and cherishes every moment spent in nature.

Richard Boothe

Registered Massage Therapy

I am a seasoned RMT, having graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2003. My expertise lies in providing a firm massage using a variety of modalities, all within a framework of Swedish massage. I have received specialized training in post-surgery care and have extensive experience working with scars, as well as treating burn survivors at the Vancouver General Hospital Burn Ward. Additionally, I have honed my skills in intraoral work for TMJ and have completed advanced courses in visceral manipulation, which I now integrate into my practice. I am particularly proficient in providing deep tissue work for the neck and shoulders and administering treatments for headaches. While I always lean toward longer treatment times, I can also achieve remarkable results within 60 minutes. My hallmark lies in devising comprehensive treatment plans and home care regimens tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Whether you are seeking therapeutic relief, deep relaxation, or a blend of both, rest assured that you will leave feeling rejuvenated and restored.

Tess Halldorson

Registered Massage Therapy

Tess Halldorson is an RMT who graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, where she learned to effectively address a variety of conditions. Tess is proficient in several modalities, including Swedish massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and joint mobilizations. Tess believes in keeping up to date on the latest treatment techniques, and obtaining measurable outcomes with thorough before and after treatment assessment. She is passionate about helping her patients reach their therapeutic goals, whether it be injury recovery, stress related, or maintaining general wellness. Tess looks forward to meeting you.

Tess is a casual therapist at Soma Burnaby and does not work a regular weekly shift schedule.